Mokoan Supporting Hydrocephalus Awareness: The Musik Mayhem Compilation Album 2014

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Mokoan’s song One Way Destination will feature on the Musik Mayham Compilation Album 2014 In association with the fight against Hydrocephalus awareness.

In association with, Hydro Angels Over America, Hydrocephalus Support Association (Australia) and Shine Charity – Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Information Networking Equality


The latest fundraiser from Project Brain Drain!!

Join us is raising money for Hydrocephalus research and awareness.

Musik Mayhem is a compilation album consisting of music from artists of different genres all over the world who have generously donated tracks.
ALL Proceeds from the sales of this CD will be going to Hydrocephalus Associations around the world. We are looking to have it released by the end of the year/ early next year.

Artists that have announced their participation so far are as follows-

Static Era, Craig Fraser, Steve Dorrington, Heath McCarthy, Calling Utopia, Waking Eden, Ninja Monkey band, Mokoan Band Page, Stephy Kenzie, Mark Gardner Music, DJ Jammers, The Velvet Lips, Siobhan Owen, Blameshift, MODRAG Tommie John Music Joe The Show and…. wait for it, Bellusira! With artists still yet to be confirmed, this compilation is a star studded track list and not to be missed out on!!
We have also been fortunate enough to have Jenny Chen on our project team with her amazing album ARTWORK!!
For more information on Hydrocephalus, visit these websites.